26 de abril de 2006

Lo que dice la crítica sobre Fröst

Mencionábamos hace unos días que Martín Fröst estrenaría un nuevo concierto del compositor finlandés Kalevi Aho. Parece ser que el estreno trascurrió con éxito, y aunque pocas, hemos encontrado dos críticas breves en internet, totalmente opuestas.

El FT (Financial Times) menciona desde un comienzo sobre la obra:

"It is not just a showpiece for soloist and orchestra, it is a masterpiece".

Y unas líneas más adelates, se refieren de esta manera sobre Fröst:

Fröst rose to it brilliantly, and the way he moved with the music only heightened its potency.

Pero, en The Independent la historia es otra. Esto se menciona sobre el intérprete:

"Its arresting solo opening, with Frost practically pawing the ground like a stallion, may have its origins in an apparent plan to have the soloist dance, but it here came over as rather silly. The rampantly posing manner turns out to be very much Frost's own in general, and though it's impossible to deny his enormous skills, he's distressing to watch".

y sobre la obra no guardan reparos...

"Aho's music, too, struck me as a little like that: extremely well written for both solo clarinet and, particularly, for the orchestra, constantly inventive texturally, every mood effortlessly captured, tension expertly sustained and released - but musically completely empty, with absolutely nothing to say. The final two of the concerto's five movements bring a more compelling lyricism, but even this is spoilt by the would-be modernism of the solo part's multiphonics, which here feel completely out of place".

Tendremos que esperar a escuchar dicha obra para poder sacar nuestras propias conclusiones. La curiosidad ya nos invade...